I love reading! Every year, I sponsor a Book A Thon for charity. This event is open to children and adults of all ages. Each year I pick a charity to help raise money for their cause.

This year I have selected Kids On The Go Summer Camp For those with Special needs. My Book-A-Thon runs from from September 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2015.

Max's Annual "Read A Book" A Thon
For Charity!

September 1st ,2015, Max will be holds his annual "Read With Max" Reading and Fundraising Event. THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS! The Event will last approximately 17 weeks and finish on December 31th, 2015. It is designed to help encourage both children and caregivers/parents to read a book.

Max also wants to teach a lesson of giving back to our community by helping raise money for charity he supports. This years fundraising is for .

We know that organizations rely on donations to help those in need. We hope that each family will participate in the Max’s Read A Book-A-Thon Fundraiser event to the best of your ability. Thank you very much for your participation!

About KIDS ON THE GO. Kids on the Go offers physical, occupational and speech therapies in a fun summercamp setting. The Mission of Kids on the Go is to address Individualized Education Plan goals of special needs children that were established at the end of the school year and to maintain their current skills during the summer. Kids on the Go has been providing fourteen years of service as a nonprofit pediatric program designed to provide special needs children with physical, occupational, and speech therapy during the summer months. We service the metro Detroit area. A program like this is rarely a covered medical benefit and often too costly for private payment ($100 for every 15 minutes of therapy). We provide therapy up to two times a week at no cost to the children’s family. We are supported by local businesses, corporations, charitable organizations, and private donations. Visit

How It Works:

The Read A Book-A-Thon WILL LAST 17 WEEKS. You and your parents can ask family, friends and individuals to pledge money for each book you intend to read during the 17 weeks. It will be your job to read and keep track of the number of books you read.

Now the fun part. You will have friends, family, and relatives) pledge money for every book you read. If someone says they will pay you $2.00 for every book, and you read five books, you will raise $10.00 for the charity.

Family and friends can donate a flat amount instead of a per book pledge (this is much easier and completely up to you).

It will be your responsibility to collect and turn in all monies at the conclusion of Book-A-Thon. We ask that an adult over 18 years of age help you collect and submit monies to the Kids on the Go website. page. There you can make a paypal donation. Please indicate in the message it was from the Read With Max Book A Thon.

We suggest each person try and get at least 5 people willing to donate or pledge money.

The donations to Kids on The Go are tax-deductible. If you have chosen a different charity please verify tax deductable status prior to raising money.

Here is a sample of what you can say to potential pledgers:

"Hello, can you help me? I am going to be participating in a Read A Book-A-Thon and as part of my efforts I am trying to raise money to help Kids On The Go Camps for those with special needs including autism. I would appreciate any pledges or donations you could make to support my efforts and help those in need."
Please visit my facebook page and share photos, tell us how much you raised, number of books you read, and total amount raised for Kids On The Go. I will randomly select those who follow and post on my facebook page and they will be eligible for an autographed copy of one of my books or my Sing With Max Music CD.