Coming Soon!

Yes, I even star in my own 3D childrens animation series with my brother Wrigley. Please stop back soon to see my pilot episode of "MAX & WRIGLEY" starring "The Biscuit Band"

If you are interested in being a sponsor and/or investor in this project please let us know.

Anticipated Pilot Release Fall 2016

Max (English Labrador)
Wrigley (Basset Hound)
Chloe (Poodle)
Maverick (Bronco)
Foxy (Red Fox)
Frankie (Parrot)

MAX & WRIGLEY™ Featuring "The Biscuit Band™"

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a dog? What if there was a place where dogs ruled! Well, there is a town located next to Lake St. Bernard where the town is just that; run by the dogs.

Welcome to ........ MAX & WRIGLEY™ who addresses social issues that every 3-6 year old may endure while still satisfying the other component education and entertainment. These dogs and their friends tell stories from their point of view so children can relate too. With the use of special effects as well graphics it brings a level of ownership to the child. The original songs allow children and parents to sing, learn, and dance. Everyone wants pets as cool as these dogs!